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Air Taxi Services

We are in the process of setting up an air taxi service that connects all the tier 2 and tier 3 cities and towns of South  India. We will also be operating regular shuttles services on per seat basis. Expected launch date is December 2022.

Charter Services

The very first benefit that almost anybody can notice while chartering an aircraft or helicopter  is the freedom of scheduling. Unlike conventional airlines, private air charters provide full freedom to choose the schedule of the flight. Air chartering also provide better options for the choice of airport. This ultimately saves a lot of time in traveling by car and ground transportation, you can have your preference for the airport. We can provide aircraft based on your requirement from small 4 seat private jets to the large 300 seat commercial airliners.  Please contact us if you have any requirements and we will be happy to assist you. If you are specifically looking for Helicopters, Please visit our Helicopter page  for more details.

Aircraft Purchase

Are you planning to buy a new or used aircraft? If yes you have reached the right place. We can help you with choosing the right aircraft based on your requirement and budget. Our team can handle the entire buying process in a smooth and transparent manner. Apart from aircraft selection, We can assist you with aircraft import and obtaining your Air Operator Certification procedures as required by Director General of Civil Aviation.  We also provide aircraft management services to ensure you receive maximum returns for your investment.

Drone Services

We offer drones for  photography, mapping, surveillance, crop spraying and electrical line inspections services..    The expert drone operators within our network are vetted and proven, and are ready to take on any project you send our way. We have the flexibility required to adapt our services for any project and provide a simple solution for getting quality results. Contact us today  for receiving a comprehensive quote to meet your requirement.